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This vikingenes review will reveal the truth about and its business practices. In short, this is a scam website located in Israel, which sells extremely poor quality products. However, they claim that its made in the UK, USA, Scotland, and Russia, but this is obviously a lie.

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According to customers who ordered from their website, an order can take up to 6 weeks to arrive. This clearly shows that the products are being transported by ship from Asia, most likely from China.

Products would never take up to six weeks to be delivered from Israel, Europe, or from the USA to any western countries.

Vikingenes is a dishonest business, they most likely use FAKE reviews and FAKE followers with the purpose of trying to look like a legit business, but they will laugh all the way to the bank.

@vikingenes had their twitter account suspended for violating the rules. This was probably for copyright infringement since they are thieves who steal other creators’ hard work and use it for profit.

Vikingenes is a scam site

Vikingenes is a scam site

According to their own story, which can be read on their website, they started their shop after quote: “we did our homework and studied a lot about our amazing culture”.

However, this seems to be another lie by the founders of this company, since their study mainly consisted of stealing intellectual property from other websites. has stolen texts from other websites and posted it to their own site for profit, sometimes they do edit them a little in order to try and hide their thievish actions. When they are confronted for their theft, they refuse to remove the stolen texts, even when they have been contacted multiple times.

The first screenshot from their site has text that was stolen from this URL:

The second screenshot from their site has text that was stolen from this URL:

The third screenshot from their site has text that was stolen from this URL:

The fourth screenshot from their site has text that was stolen from this URL:

Do not support companies like Vikingenes that are built on theft and lies. They steal the hard work of others, and then just use it to fill their greedy pockets. This company is not worthy of being in the Viking community, they have no honor, no ethics, and no human decency.

There are many other great shops to buy from, but this webshop is NOT one of them. When you buy from their shop you support their bad business practices. We do not want these kinds of people in our community, and since they wont change their ways, we must turn our back to them.

No matter how many times they have been contacted for copyright infringement, they refuse to delete the content. For this reason, it was necessary to contact Google, in order to get their pages removed from Google SERP. This is still in process, but this page will be updated when new information is available.

Vikingenes pages removed

On May 18, 2020, the two last pages from Vikingenes were removed by force. This was done by their e-commerce provider Shopify. To this date, Vikingenes are still ignoring me, and have not responded to my emails.

Shopify removed pages from Vikingenes


The webshop Vikingenes has shown their true colors, and how they act as a business. When a website takes an image or some text and places it on its site, it may not always necessarily know if its copyright protected.

However, in this case, Vikingenes were contacted multiple times and still chose to ignore my request to get it removed, and just “hoped” that I would go away.

If they had just removed it when I emailed them the first time, then the case would have been over. But by refusing to do so, it forced me to spend many hours figuring out how I could get their pages with my content removed from their webshop.

Be aware of Vikingenes, they chose to ignore me, if you for some reason still have any trust in this company after reading this article, then I can only wish you good luck, you will need it.