Valhalla in Norse Mythology

In Cosmology by Skjalden

Valhalla (Old Norse Valhöll) is located in Asgard, the front of the big city of Asgard there are 540 doors. The doors are so wide that through each huge door, 800 warriors can walk side by side. The roof is covered with golden shields, and the walls around Valhalla are made from wooden spear shafts. This is the place where half of the Vikings who had died in a battle would come for their afterlife.

The other half of the Vikings are given to the Goddess Freya; she always has the first choice from every dead warrior. Each and every morning the Vikings in Valhalla will take their weapons and put on their armor and then walk out to the big plains in Asgard and fight. It did not matter if they got their arms, legs or head cut off. Because when the great dinner in the evening came they would all be restored to normal.

In the evening they will return home to Valhalla and sit down and eat and drink. When the cook Andhrimnir cut steaks from the side of the pig Saehrimnir “A giant pig” this is not a normal pig but a magical pig. it will grow back immediately.

There is also a goat named Heidrun, it’s standing on the roof of Valhalla, and eats from the branches of the tree of life Yggdrasil. While from its udder floats a lot of mead, down to a huge tub, big enough to make everyone in Valhalla drunk every day. The Valkyries will serve the Vikings, pork, and mead.