Skrymir: Master of Illusions

In Gods and Creatures by Skjalden

Skrymir is a very tall giant, and Skrymir is the strongest and most cunning of the giants. Skrymir lives in Utgard, in Jotumheim. Skrymir is also known as Udgard/Utgard Loki. Because Skrymir is gifted in the arts of magic in especially when it comes to illusions, he always uses it to annoy the Gods.

Logi: Flame Logi is a young giant who defeated the trickster Loki, in an eating contest, in the great hall in Utgard. It turned out that Logi was an illusion and the embodiment of fire, which can consume anything and everything with great speed.

Hugi: ThoughtHugi is a young giant, who outran Thialfi in a running contest in Utgard. Hugi is an illusion and the embodiment of thought and no one can run faster than thought.