Njord in Norse Mythology

In Gods and Creatures by Skjalden

Njord (Old Norse Njörðr) is the God of the wind, seafarers, coasts, inland waters and wealth, he is a member of the Vanir. When the war between the Vanir and the Aesir ended, Njord and two others were sent to the Aesir as a token of truce, in return, the Aesir sent Honir and Mimir to the Vanir. Njord lives in a house on the seashore in Asgard, which he called Noatun “Ship Haven”.

Njord is married to the giantess Skadi, Njord has a sister by the name Nerthus, together with his sister they have two children Freya and Freyr. Njord is often mistaken for the God of the sea, though this conception is incorrect because that is the God Ægir.

Njord, Skadi and Nerthus

Njord had Freya and Freya with his sister Nerthus. But the Aesir would not tolerate a marriage between Njord and his sister. So Njord got married to Skadi, a giantess. As the story goes Skadi picked Njord as her husband because of his beautiful feet, but they could not agree on where to live. Njord thought that the home of Skadi in the land of the giants was too cold and abandoned. While Skadi didn’t like the noise and the hustle of shipbuilding around Njords home, Noatun in Asgard. After nine nights at each place, they decided to live by them self.

“Njörðr, Skaði, and Freyr as depicted in The Lovesickness of Frey” by W. G. Collingwood (1908)

Skadi went back to her favorite interest to hunt on skis, and Njord returned back to his house Noatun in Asgard. The seemingly unbridgeable gap between them, in all likelihood, reflects more their personal tastes. Njord was certainly seen as a fertility God, assuring safe travel by sea, for those who worship him. But also for riches and good luck, in the form of land and sons. Skadi’s circumstance was quite another, she came from the mountains and snowy areas. Where heavy clouds hide the sun and the hard rock makes the ground feel dead and cold.