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Angrboda “The one who brings grief” or “She who offers sorrow” (Old Norse “Angrboða”) is a giantess that lives in Jotunheim, “the land of the giants” in the hall of Angrboda. She has been married to Loki the trickster, she and Loki are the parents of the three horrible creatures Hel, the Midgard serpent and the Fenrir wolf. When the Aesir heard that Loki and Angrboda had brought such hideous and dangerous creatures into the existence they were furious.

“Loki’s Brood” by Carl Emil Doepler (1905)

Hel was banished to live in Helheim one of the nine worlds in Norse mythology which she made into her domain. The Midgard serpent also known as Jörmungandr was thrown into the ocean where it eventually grew so huge that it is able to surround the earth and bite his own tail. Fenrir was bound to a rock with a magical rope made by the dwarves.