Aegir: The lord of the ocean

In Gods and Creatures by Skjalden

Aegir and Ran

Aegir (Old Norse “Ægir”) is a giant with white hair and a long beard, he is well skilled in the arts of magic. He might be a brother to Loki the trickster and Karl. Aegir is married to his sister Ran, Aegir and Ran are the parents of nine daughters in Norse mythology, their daughters are the spirits of the waves. The names of Aegir’s nine daughters are Himminglaeva, Dufa, Blodughadda, Hefring, Ud, Hrönn, Bölge, Dröfn and Kolga. It is said that their nine daughters, are the mothers of Heimdallr.

“Ægir’s Feast” by Artist unknown (1901)

Dangers at sea

Whenever the Vikings saw huge waves coming towards their ships, they knew that Aegir was close by. If the Vikings had some prisoners they would sometimes sacrifice some of them in the hope of a safe passage. But Aegir was often very unforgiving and cruel and would in his lust for more treasures especially gold, smash their ships into pieces of wood.

The Goddess Ran is also dangerous and very hostile, with her huge fishing net, she will drag anyone down that she can catch into the deep dark ocean. Because the Vikings feared Ran they would sometimes offer tribute to Ran before they would embark on raids in the hope of a safe return.

“Ran” by Johannes Gehrts (1901)

While the people in Midgard fears Ran, the Gods, and Goddesses from Asgard in Norse mythology, will often travel to the home of Aegir and Ran for a great feast. Because they are very known throughout the nine worlds, to have some of the biggest and most fun parties one can imagine.