Týr the Bravest of the Gods in Norse Mythology 2017-03-04T16:31:05+00:00

Týr: The bravest of the Gods

Tyr (in old Norse Týr) is the God of war, he is the bravest of all the Gods in Norse mythology. If the rune symbol Tîwaz is carved on your weapon, you will dedicate it to Tyr, and it will strengthen the outcome of the battle in your favor. Tyr is associated with the day Tuesday which is named after him. Tyr is so brave, that he once put his hand into the jaws of the horrific beast Fenrir, he did this while the other Gods bound Fenrir to a rock. When the wolf Fenrir noticed that he could not get free from the chains, he was furious and bit Tyr’s right hand off. Tyr is very interested in justice and with fair treaties, which makes him a God in law aswell. Tyr will die at Ragnarök while fighting the dog Garm “the guardian of the gates of hel”, killing Garm will be his last great moment for him.


“The Binding of the Fenris Wolf” by Carl Emil Doepler (1905)