The First Viking Temple Built in 1,000 Years

In Denmark on the island of Fyn in a very small village called Korinth, has the first Ásatrú temple been built in 1,000 years. The temple has been built in a Nordic style with dragon heads just like they have on Norwegian stave churches, the temple is only made from wood and inside the temple there stands four large tree trunks that weighs almost two ton a piece. These four tree trunks, is of couse from ash trees, which is the same wood as the world tree Yggdrasil is made of.

asatru-temple-dragon-heads-fyn-denmarkPhoto: Martin Højbjerg

In Iceland there is also a similar project underway to built a Ásatrú temple, and I personally look forward to seeing it oneday myself. When I was at the Ásatrú temple in Korinth, it was a sunny day with blue sky, as if the Gods smiled down on us with joy to see us connecting with our old faith and our roots.

asatru-temple-dragon-heads-fyn-vikingsPhoto: Martin Højbjerg

There is not a high priest nor an authority in Ásatrú, where you have to seek permission to built a temple. Infact there are very few rules in Ásatrú, and many interprets the faith in their own way. Once I was asked by a guy from Africa if he could be a part of the faith? My answer to him was, Ásatrú is not about where you were born, what skin color you have or for that matter your sexuality.

We have to keep in mind that the Vikings were always open minded and friendly towards strangers,  and welcoming “outsiders” who wanted to be a part of their faith and society. This is not only reflected in the culture of the Nordic countries, but also in the old sagas from the Viking age.



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