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Bragi: the God of Poetry

Bragi is the God of poetry and music in Norse mythology, he is the son of the God Odin and the giantess Gunnlod. He is very wise, and he is known for his wisdom and most of all for his creative way with words not only is he skilled with the words, he has also the most knowledge of poems and songs. His name Bragi, means “Poet” and comes from the word “Bragr” which means “Poetry” the Norsemen called their poets bragamen or bragawoman.

Bragi has a very long beard, and as strange as it sounds he has runes carved on his tongue. He is married to the beautiful Goddess of youth Iðunn, and they live together in Asgard. There has been many poets throughout the viking age with the name Bragi, but the most famous one was Bragi Boddason who served several kings, including Ragnar Lodbrok. Bragi is reckoned as the first skaldic poet, and is certainly the earliest skaldic poet remembered by name whose verse survived in memory.


“Bragi is shown with a harp and accompanied by his wife Iðunn” by Nils Blommér (1846)